Mini-Mr Lowe


Something I use on a daily basis is “Mini-Mr Lowes”.

My own understanding of music has developed so much more during the period of my teaching than at any other time. Every day, students approach concepts differently to how I have ever perceived or imagined them before. I provide a starting point with a specific focus, but there are always a vast array of related outcomes found. I therefore encourage all students to share the leadership of learning in the class environment.

This strategy instantly recognises and rewards confident understanding of musical concepts. It deepens the students’ understanding by adapting what they’ve learned to support someone else. It helps students to understand how others learn and provides unique information about their strengths and weaknesses. It grows confidence in subject-specific conversation and discussion, and rewards a passion and determination to learn.

As soon as a student feels they can demonstrate confidence in their understanding, they come to show me evidence at the front of the classroom. If I agree that they’ve sufficiently understood the concept, they are offered the opportunity to be a “Mini-Mr Lowe”, which gives them a merit and the freedom to wander around the class. They can ask to hear the work of any other student, question their understanding and offer verbal support. They cannot create work for somebody else, but can encourage and support them to create it themselves. Other students may ask them for specific help too.

There are always a maximum of 5 Mini-Mr Lowes at any one time. This strategy generates rich, musical conversation and development, and encourages students to use appropriate vocabulary.

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