Performing Arts: Our Shared Passion

This morning our Performing Arts staff team met together to share our collective vision for the young people we work with. It was a fantastic conversation and we each left greatly encouraged by what we’ve developed together. We’ve worked together for quite a few years now, but haven’t sat together to talk about it recently. We would certainly recommend this (30 minute) conversation to all music, dance and drama teachers. If you’re on your own, consider having the conversation with your headteacher. It’s greatly positive and inspiring!

We used our understanding of the new Ofsted 3Is (Intent, Implementation, Impact) to structure our discussion.

Intent – what do we want students to achieve in PA? – what’s the vision?

Confident understanding, inventiveness, creativity, exploring, be fascinated by, positive sense of well-being, freedom to perform without fear, robust KS3 (focus on learning, rather than just doing), Skills, teachers to be inspiring, we love what we do so we want students to have the same passion, modelling exceptional practice in the performing arts.

Implementation- how do we do this?

Practical, underpinned by clear direction, opportunities to push the boundaries, aim for amazing, exceptional production values, always learning and developing, always improving, staff modelling concepts with attitude/approach also considered, build trusting relationships between staff and students and students and students, critical listening and thinking – addressing every detail. Lesson planning is thorough to offer best opportunity to achieve. Cohesive arc of learning. Clear development of skills and knowledge through curriculum design. Extra-curricular with access for all and a varied programme to support different abilities and interests. Performing Arts leaders programme to encourage students to strive for ultimate performance skills and share what they learn with other students in curriculum lessons.

KS3 Curriculum

Drama KS3 Topics

Y7: Beginning Drama (basic skills), storytelling, improvisation, working with scripts.

Y8: Greek theatre, medieval theatre, Elizabethan theatre, Victorian theatre, contemporary theatre.

Dance KS3 Topics

Y7: Dance decades (performance), Ingredients of dance (choreography), Rooster (professional repertoire: Performance & Choreography).

Y8: Capoeira (cultural choreography), West Side Story (Performance), Ghost Dances (Professional Repertoire: Performance & Choreography)

Music KS3 Topics

Every topic involves Performance, Composition & Listening to develop understanding

Y7: Elements (Exploring music), Perform 1 (Melody, Harmony, Devices), Notate (Communicating Music).

Y8: Perform 2 (Film Music, Improvisation, Structure), Production (Critical listening, Control – project to produce a complete audio product from a simple lead sheet), Song8 (Songwriting & Production)

KS4 Curriculum

AQA GCSE Dance, Drama, Music & Music Production Via Technology Pathways in Y9-11

Impact – what’s the evidence the dream is happening?

Confident learners, stunning performances, results, fascinating products. Constant communication between teachers and students (Showbie dialogue), willingness to participate, onward journeys – so many go onto related future careers and courses at the highest level, impact on whole school, events, wider community impact, connections to professional organisations – Phoenix Dance, CAPA (Wakefield), Northern school of contemporary dance a few examples of the many.

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