• Melody Detox – updated

    Melody Detox – updated

    For this first week back of the new year, I decided to focus on melody with all my year 9 and 10 students. For year 9 this was their first experience of writing melodies with this amount of depth of thought, and a timely reminder for year 10 who are beginning to compose longer works.… Read more

  • A Wall of 2 Sides – increasing students’ learning ambition in Music

    A Wall of 2 Sides – increasing students’ learning ambition in Music

    One wall in the Manor music department is more important than any other. Side A – The Wall of Fame The Wall of Fame is a visual display to celebrate the achievements and progress of Music students choosing to study for graded exams. Students have a choice as to whether or not they would like… Read more

  • GCSE iPad Music – a game-changer for Music Education

    In September 2018 we began our new “GCSE Music Production Via Technology” course. Students are still entered for AQA GCSE Music 8271 in the same way as our traditional course, but they learn and study music in a completely different way. The difference in teaching on this new course is fascinating and has required me… Read more

  • The real-world truth about… GCSE Music Composition (How to start)

    The real-world truth about… GCSE Music Composition (How to start)

    Most GCSE Music students feel stressed as they begin their composition work. This stress is often nothing to do with music whatsoever and therefore very unhelpful for our young musicians. The stress is usually rooted in expectation about grades, either their own or that felt from a parent or teacher. Without experience of composing before,… Read more

  • Mini-Mr Lowe

    Something I use on a daily basis is “Mini-Mr Lowes”. My own understanding of music has developed so much more during the period of my teaching than at any other time. Every day, students approach concepts differently to how I have ever perceived or imagined them before. I provide a starting point with a specific… Read more

  • Discovering a ‘Production Environment’ for learning

    In the early 2000s (before I retrained to be a secondary music teacher), I was greatly fortunate to be invited to some of the leading music and audio production facilities in the UK, perhaps the world. The primary purpose of my visits was to meet professionals at the top of their industry and to learn… Read more

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